The above trailer contains pre-alpha footage of "Sovereign", a videogame currently in early stage production by Werkflow.

Sovereign is a first person, magical realist video game, set in the fictional suburban town of Bridewell in England during the early noughties. The player is guided by Anthony, an aging and unemployed 'lost boy' who lives with an elderly woman in her cluttered council house. As Anthony imparts to us his unique viewpoint on the world, we take a dark and strange journey across playing fields, through homes and garage blocks, with the aim of joining a group of waste-ground revelers, for a night of underage drinking.

In our journey for inclusion and acceptance by the group, our experiences and challenges are shaped by a cast of unique characters; their inner imaginaries spilling out into the game world and altering story and game-play mechanics to weird and thought provoking effect.

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Supported by Arts Council England and Somerset House

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