Projects / Where's My Keys?

We were contacted by an artist to test out a specific process for creating procedural landscapes, the environment in this game is the the outcome of this quick research. Working with Viktor Timofeev we developed a code that allowed the terrain and assets to re-form differently on each new load or restart of the game. Having undertaken this initial work we thought that it would be fun to develop the test into something playable. The game starts with a simple premise of the player searching for their lost keys in a dreamlike landscape, however there is a presence that lurks at the outer boundaries of the game, getting ever closer. A church is the only building in the game, a momentary safe-haven, but for how long? The ambient sound score was composed by musician Rescund.


You find yourself in a relentless rolling land searching for your keys. You recall a flight of stairs...
Go find them...if you can!