Sidsel Meineche Hansen - INSIDER, Cubitt Gallery London


8 minute HD video and CGI animation for Sidsel Meineche Exhibition ‘Insider’ at Cubitt, London.

Featuring a metalogue performed by cult performer and post punk legend Lydia Lunch, Seroquel®

‘Brings together a new body of work reflecting on self-destruction and mutation. Using violence and tenderness as a strategy, the show extends Sidsel Meineche Hansen’s ongoing work on nervousness, approaching psychopharmaceuticals as an internalised, institutional structure.’

Cubitt Gallery Press Release.

For this piece we worked closely with the artist to develop visual strategies and concepts initially inspired by the medical industry’s use of clinical and removed digital graphics in their branding and demonstrative animatics. The intention was to mix hardware and software rendering styles to create different atmospheres (clinical/uncanny) between scenes.

The main character was repurposed from an overtly sexualised Turbo-Squid model (rigged for pornagraphic functionality). The artist was very interested in subverting this commodified vision of the female form. We built her a nervous system that would glow from beneath her skin and a huge opening in her chest that opens up to reveal the nerves in one scene.

Check out Sidsel's website here...

Editing + additional Post Production by Matthew Stringer.

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