Projects / Sidsel Meineche Hansen - Second Sex War

Continuing a series that began with INSIDER at Cubitt Gallery in 2014 we worked with Sidsel Meinche Hansen to creat a new Oculus ready animation called Dick Girl 3D (X) to be shown at Gasworks in London. We worked with the EVA v3.0 model from the previous projects; INSIDER, No Right Way 2 Cum and Seroquel®, this time fitting her with genital props and approprated mocap from the porn industry. In the animation EVA interacts with a 3d scan of one of Sidsel's clay sculptures, rigged and animated in our studio.

The work was shown in two different formats at the gallery; on a portrait flat-screen TV suspended from a DIY BDSM structure and on a gaming PC on an Oculus headset.

For more information on work please see the exhibition press release on Gasworks website here...

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