Projects / Sidsel Meineche Hansen - ONE-self : Künstlerhaus Bremen

As a continuation of a series of works beginning with INSIDER at Cubitt Gallery London (see related projects below), we assisted Sidsel Meineche Hansen in creating a virtual reality animation using Eva (the digital 3d figure asset featured throughout the larger body of works) for her parallel solo shows at Temporary Gallery in Cologne and Künstlerhaus Bremen.

In addition to the VR piece, Werkflow built a bespoke mini rig PC for the intallation, which displays the work on the Oculus Rift headset with stereo audio.

"This new CGI production reflects on the commodity status of the 3d model EVA v 3.0 in connection with the growing 3d pornographic industry, viewed on Oculus Rift—a virtual reality 3d gaming headset." Künstlerhaus Bremen Press Release

See more of Sidsel's work here...

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