Projects / Rosen - Portals (Quantum Natives)

We worked with Quantum Natives to create graphics, video content and a playable 'hypermedia' story, for Portals by electronic music producer Rosen.

The visuals were constructed entirely in the Unreal Games Engine. Stills were arranged alongside a text narrative on the Quantum Natives website, in the style of a traditional text adventure. Rosen's cinematic music accompanies the text: if the player get's to the end of the story without being directed back to the Quantum Natives home site, they are rewarded with the final 'cutscene' video.

We created an illustrative style to suit the traditional text adventure concept.

Experience Portals in full on Quantum Natives...

Coverage of Rosen's Portals in The Wire's Below the Radar.

Check out Rosen's soundcloud here...

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