Projects / Rachel Maclean - I'm Terribly Sorry

Werkflow were commissioned by artist Rachel Maclean to create her VR experience 'I'm Terribly Sorry'.

Based upon an original script by Rachel we developed the game in UE4. This is to be presented with audio on the Vive within a gallery space.

The narrative takes place in a distopian cityscape comprised of London giftshop items. The viewer is able to take mobile phone pictures of a series of peculiar local characters, played by Rachel.

Many assets for this work were developed through either a process of the scanning or modeling of novelty items found in central London gift shops.

For this project we were joined by artist and game designer Troy Duguid (AAA collective), who created the core mechanics of the game.

Sound design was developed by William Aikman.

Additional modeling was done by by Josh Planz.

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