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Our video for patten's Epsilon, taken from the album Ψ, out now on Warp Records.

In creating the Epsilon video, we wanted A's vocal performance to drive the main narrative. Her lyrics are delicate and full of longing which particulate under the hard futurism of the track. The idea was to represent granular and glassy sounds with light playing upon something ominous and mechanical. We wanted to create a setting that was disquieting - something clunky and transient that would feel hostile with little human presence. A sleeper train felt like the right environment in which to frame this narrative of introspection.

We wanted the scene to allow space for the audience to create their own narrative. To this effect the source of the destruction that plays out over the course of the video, remains ambiguous.

The video for Epsilon is entirely shot, edited and rendered within a games engine cut-scene editor, which has fast become our preferred way of working as a studio. We worked with two amazing teams, Ten24 who produced the photogrammetry of A and Cubic Motion who captured her facial performance.

Additional 3D modeling by Peter Valkanoff & Clifford Sage.

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