Projects / NikeLab x A Cold Wall*

Werkflow were comissioned to create a campaign for NikeLab's latest collaboration with A Cold Wall*. By utilising 3D scanning and motion capture technology we created digital avatars that modelled the collection whilst walking though a constructed and deconstructed vision of London, New York and Tokyo.

While the idea of digital avatars being utilised by individuals and companies through social media is an ever growing concept, the campaign is grounded with a reality and sensibility of real materials, process and photographic languages we champion as a studio.

A core concept of the project was reapropriation, something we aproached using techniques traditionally employed in game design; such as 'kit-bashing' and the re-apropriation of stock assets. Our common studio practice of utilising game engines for digital production allowed us to make multiple iterations of the film in the final stages of production.

  • Video and stills by Werkflow - Jon Emmony, James Stringer & Tom Wandrag
  • Producer - Ben Evans James
  • Fashion by Samuel Ross / A Cold Wall* X Nike
  • Nike Art Director - Ryan Belmont
  • Nike Production - Keith Vaz & Jessica Piper
  • Models - Reece Prescod & Jennifer Ross
  • Hair & Makeup - Asashi Yamaguchii
  • Photographic Assistant - Bertie Oakes
  • 3D Scanning - FBFX
  • Motion Capture and animation - Centroid @ Pinewood Studios
  • 3D Modeling - Josh Planz
  • Audio - Samuel Ross
  • Additional shader development by Troy Duguid

Special thanks to Martin and Jack and the rest of the amazing team at FBFX for all their extra hard work on this project.

Thanks to everyone above for all of their amazing work!

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