New Ultra Group - Eight States of Stationary

Werkflow created a computer game called Eight States of Stationery for New Ultra Group. The game was designed to be projected along-side their Spring/Summer London Fashion Week collection and was later made available to download via their website.

In this project we played with the idea of subliminal gameplay advertising by creating a branded New Ultra Group 'first person shooter'.

The gameplay positions the player within a cage-like vehicle, constrained to a vertical figure of eight circuit, traversing a sprawling geometric 'tree of life' central structure.

The player fires instances of the New Ultra Group logo, at designated strobing targets found throughout the central structure. This allows the player to progress further along the railed circuit, in turn collecting eight different orbs which symbolise the eight fundamental states found in quantum mechanics wave functions.

The game was shown at New Ultra Group’s Spring/Summer showcase event as part of London Fashion week 2014.

New Ultra Group are a luxury accessories company based in London producing clutch bags, shoulder bags, tablet cases, purses and other leather goods since 2013.

Check out New Ultra Group here...


  • PC

  • PC VR

  • Mac

  • Mac VR

  • System Requirements

    4GB Ram
    220MB Free Hardrive Space
    Mouse & Keyboard / Xbox Controller
    Note - The VR Editions are for the DK1 Edition of the Oculus Rift
    Note - It's best practice to run the game in fastest mode at the start up dialouge

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