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Werkflow created visuals for the Kuedo and Rabit live show, commisioned by Unsound Festival 2015.

Being huge fans of both artists work, we were extremely excited to work with Kuedo (Vex'd, Planet Mu, Knives) and Rabit (TriAngle, Glacial Sound, Halcyon Veil), in developing live visuals with Unreal Engine 4.

Kuedo and Rabit came to us with strong sound and visual references - the challenge we faced was to somehow create an experience that felt right for both artists.

We worked with Hayden Anyasi to develop a VVVV patch which allowed us to repurpose the Ableton Push interface for use with the Unreal Engine. The idea was to create a sequencing system for lighting and animation within our UE4 scenes - Ableton's platform gave us a starting point that was already designed for musical performance.

The scenes were designed to fit together within a virtual stage set. We were then able to create different combinations of lighting and animation to punctuate the live music. The final results are highly unusual visuals with an organic feeling that reflects the darkness of the music.

Some scenes featured real-time liquid simulation, to achieve this we implemented the Nvidia Flex physics library. We used the Perception Nueron system for the motion capture animations featured on the 'Humonculus' figure.

The performance debuted on the 17th of October in the main Unsound concert space, in the dramatic Hotel Forum, Krakow, Poland.

To listen to Rabit's music check out his soundcloud here...

and Kuedo's soundcloud here...

For more information on Unsound their website is

Mo-Cap acting and artworking by Bryn Davies.

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