Julia Crabtree and William Evans - Antonio Bay

Julia Crabtree and William Evans came to us with a virtual model of the exhibition space at South London Gallery. The artists wanted to simulate the galleries flooding with smoke and lit with cinematic and theatrical lighting. From this a single frame render from above was taken to be digitally printed onto carpet.

"Referencing John Carpenter’s 1980 film, ‘The Fog’, the installation’s floor was created by engulfing a virtual model of the gallery space with multicolored smoke. An aerial photograph was then taken of the scene and printed onto dense pile carpet. Epitomizing the tension that exists between the use of digital technology and the consequential deterioration of the image through its replication, the floor’s manipulation of spatial depth further conjures the notion of the theatrical backdrop. The creation process is also integral to the sculptures that undulate through the gallery."

This is Tomorrow Review by Ariane Belisle

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