Joey Holder - Cataplasm Deceit and Cognitive Dissonance

'Cognative Dissonance' is a 3D interactive game environment that was made in collaboration with Joey Holder as part of the performance project 'Cataplasm Deceit', a live event at Grand Union in Birmingham. The game, graphical in design, consisted of 4 worlds interconected by winding paths and teleportation points which allowed the public to explore a disorientating maze of cogs and tunnels.

For 'Cataplasm Deceit', 'Cognative Dissonance' was projected live as an immersive environment for a performance by Alexis Milne with a DJ set by Recsund.

The project was shown as part of the event HashFail by Open File with 'Cognative Dissonance' made available on the Open File's website to download and play. The game remains available on website here; www.openfile.org.uk/archive/joey-holder/.

'Cognative Dissonance' was later shown as a playble game at BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) in London.

The Project also divided into a self playing piece 'Reincarnational Disorder' (top video). A continuation of the Cognitive Dissonances world ball mechanism. A set of 4 CCTV like cameras tracks two balls progression through tunnel like structure as they drop in to a rotating funnel that acts as the mediator between routes.

PRESS:DAZED Digital: Long Live The New Flesh www.dazeddigital.com


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