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Werkflow hosted a weekend workshop at the Institute of Contemporary Art in July 2017, aiming to allow for experimentation and learning in the development of assets added into a computer game environment. Using virtual reality as a means to build a story, rather than be the final platform.

Three groups were given a selection of cards at random, containing environment types (such as Love Island, Abattoir, Versailles etc.), an object (Donald Trump, Post-War Zoo Design, Oculus Rift etc.), and a subject (Euthanasia, Brexit, the Meat Industry etc.).

With these themes in mind, the groups went off to discuss their relation and used software including Tilt Brush and Oculus Medium to storyboard and create assets in virtual reality. The second day allowed the participants to curate a space inside a virtual environment (utilising Unreal Engine) using their assets alongside premade asset packs and downloaded 3D models to create a cinematic from their original concept development. The final pieces were edited and soundtrack elements recorded in order to complete the pieces as rendered films.

Special thanks to all those who came and created these films!

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