Projects / DJWWWW - PSX memory card : ENCOM Ltd (Quantum Natives)

Werkflow were responsible for creating all digital content for the download only release of 'PSX-memory-card- ENCOM Ltd' by DJ WWWW & N.Brennan on

For the digital album art we created a cyber anemone made from memory metal rising up out of its own network pool. To accompany the release we made a short promotional video set to audio cut from the album. This video, made using a games cut-scene editor takes us on a journey throught the belly of a ship time-bent through hell.

The Debut DJ WWWW LP for Quantum Natives extravaganzas it’s way through architectural entourage of utopian sewer back lodges. An old but robust telecommunication investigation device found trapped in neurological upgrade mishap maze of misfortune. The audible beholder gets to traverse it’s mirage sharp edge of urban disenchanted soles and game aesthetic false ideals.’ , Recsund

'It’s-Time-For-A-Noth-Er-Quant-Um-Na-Tives-Ad-Ventrue, mother fucker. Load up your phasers and set ‘em to TERMINATE, because this time they lauchin’ y’all a little bit further beyond, to the tippy-toes of sand on shores from islands in the nebula: DJWWWW + N. BRENNAN ‘bout to crash course your PSX-memory-card- ENCOM Ltd, C Monster' Tiny mixtapes review

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