Projects / Dane Law - United in Dance (Quantum Natives)

The video for Dane Law's 'United in Dance' features melting colour bleached drone captured landscapes, designed by Awe IX (Quantum Natives co-founder with Brood Ma), to which we are introduced through a series of opening doors. Each of these medieval style doors (designed by artist Alex Carmichael) features hinges that resemble club iconography from the late 90's rave scene, and sprouting mushrooms referencing the sickly mushroom bloom and psychedelia of the visuals. The landscape was shot by drone on location in Hackney Marshes in London, through which ran the original Dane Law border.

We also created a tapestry that pays homage the famous inner sleeve artwork from the Prodigy's 'Music for the Jilted Generation' album, the central figure flips up his middle finger to a cityscape that includes Foxtons Estate agent signs, skycrapers and the iconic Anish Kapoor Olympic sculpture.

We created heraldry to represent the artist, which features on the album artwork and in the video itself, floating in a fiery marshland landscape.

'Songs which were once guileless saccharine paeans to love are glitched to oblivion through algorhythmic shredders. However rather than rendering the affect of their joyously uplifting major key arpreggios, this meditation not only preserves their simple sincerity, but makes it more honest.' Daniel Neofetou, The Wire Adventures in Modern Music, May 2016.

Download the album 'United in Dance' from the map at Quantum Natives...

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