Perpetual Effection

Clifford Sage created this self playing perpetual motion game in the Werkflow studio for online gallery Channel Normal.

The stark black and white noise imbued, kinematic world of Perpetual Effection, consists of multiple piston like structures whose motion is constantly triggered by a forever falling mass that the camera is constrained to.

Each time the camera mass falls, it enters a portal that re-spawns it at it's original location - but takes into account it’s accrued momentum. Eventually, this accelerating motion, coupled with increased technical demands on the computer to simulate the sequence, cause a miscalculation and the eventual break down of the simulated image in real-time. The functionality of the work becomes a duel between the computer's CPU and GPU which are processing at different rates.

Concealed in a state of constant motion, frictions between poles create illusions of distorting perception, disorienting the viewer.

Perpetual Effection was later shown as part of the group show MUD∞ at Embasy Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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