Projects / Brood Ma - Populous (Hemlock Records / Quantum Natives)

The artwork for Brood Ma's Populous was initially designed for a free digital download only release on Quantum Natives. For this release we created digital cover artwork, music videos for the tracks Esteem and Monaco and a sprawling city-scape for the map on the Quantum Natives website.

We later created alternate artwork for a remix album on Quantum Natives entitled Re-Populous. This featured remixes from Ana Caprix, Yearning Kru, Robin the Fog, Recsund, Al Tariq and Lyd.

We recently re-visited the artwork for Brood Ma's debut album Populous, for a 12" vinyl re-release on Untold's label Hemlock Records.

"It's continuously mixed eight tracks offer a high definition maelstrom of relentless percussive jabber and writhing synths, veined with moments of shocking textural rapture" Wire Magazine - May 2015

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