Projects / Artie Vierkant - A Model Release - Antoine Office Antoine Casual

Artie came to us with a 3d scan of his subject in casual and formal dress which we prepared, rigged and applied a variety of stock motion capture data to to create the character's uncanny and often comedic motions.

Artworks created from the textures of the subject were shown as large scale prints and were displayed in light boxes alongside sculptures all created by the artist.

The work was show at Untitled Gallery in New York and Carl Kostyal Gallery in London.

The video on display in the front space, Antoine Office, Antoine Casual, represents a departure from the Exploits series, although employing similar ideas and questions. Instead the video turns this concept of property toward the idea of image rights and the body. For Antoine Office, Antoine Casual Vierkant has captured two photographic 3d scans of the same individual. Depicted in both office and casual attire, Antoine’s image has been animated using stock motion capture data, effectively making his image perform the actions of other individuals.

Vierkant’s work looks beyond surface level questions of representation and symbolism, and instead works in the domain of taking an active and actual involvement with the structures and issues he seeks to engage. Through doing so, the artist opens a broader conversation about the informational systems and structures governing our immaterial and material experience’.

Press release, Untitled Gallery New York

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