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Werkflow is making a video game!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 by Tom Wandrag

Welcome to the first instalment of our game development updates. As we finally plunge into producing our inaugural game we plan to post regular articles documenting our progress, giving insights as the project evolves, discussing new techniques we will inevitable learn and the general highs and lows of undertaking such a daunting task.

After conceiving the general direction and mechanic of the game, tentatively entitled “Soveriegn” (!), James is working on finessing the script as we all try to solidify our collective expectations of what we are about to spend the coming months (years?) producing.

One of our first tasks in this regard was to go on a day trip to collect source material and discuss possible environments and settings for our story to unfold. We’ll expand on the overall themes of the game in future posts, but for now you can gain a small insight into the narrative from the locations we visited. First up, Sidcup. After reminiscing about greenies on underpass ceilings, bypassing the long-mythologised prostitute’s house and stopping for breakfast, we moved on to Orpington and then Tonbridge in Kent. Collecting refence material and stories as we went I’ve attached some of the more relevant images below.